Prayer is Action

We will be having a fall discipleship focus rather than the normal financial stewardship campaign.  The discipleship focus will be a holistic approach to being a committed follower of Christ. Our guide will be The United Methodist Church’s membership vow to support the ministries of the church with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Each week we will look at one of the elements of the vow. 

This past Sunday we began with prayer. Prayer is foundational to our faith and relationship with Christ. Prayer is our primary opportunity to experience the heart of God, hear the call of God, and discover our passion.  Prayer is where we find the strength and power to serve. We are only able to fulfill our membership vow if we begin with prayer.

Does supporting the ministry of the church through prayer mean we simply ask God to bless the ministries and then sit back and wait? NO! We should be active in answering our own prayers. We are after all co-creators with God.  If we prayer for the children’s ministry or mobile medical ministry or any ministry, we should be ready to support the ministry.  If we prayer of someone who is sick, we should be willing to minister to them. We might not be capable of healing their body, but we can give encouragement to the soul which might assist the physical healing. Any person you pray for should get a note or a phone call from you. If you pray for the children of the world caught in the midst of war and poverty around the world, you should support U.S. foreign policy that would stop the war and alleviate the poverty. If you pray for the children in our community trapped in poverty, you should be willing to work to change the social situations that have them trapped. 

Prayer is not just asking God to do something and then sitting back and doing nothing waiting for God to act. Prayer is about expressing concern to God and seeking God’s power to be a part of the solution. May your prayers result in action and be not just words.

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