Getting Started

I’m planning on writing a weekly blog, all the while hoping I can accomplish my plan.  Sometimes my weeks get busy just like yours. However, I always managed to write a sermon every week when I was in the local church, regardless of how busy it got.  The question is, do I have the discipline to write a short blog every week and it will be short, if you are like me you won’t read a long email, article, or blog.  The blog will vary week to week sometimes it will be inspirational, sometime informational, and probably the occasional rant.

I hope this blog will also become a platform for civil dialogue.  We do not always agree and there are often multiple ways of viewing a topic.  I’m always interested in views different than mine and if we listen to one another we might just learn something.  So, please share comments whether you agree or disagree with me.

The format and title of the blog is significant.  The background picture reminds me of my roots.  I grow up on a dairy farm in southcentral Kentucky and that dairy farm is a long way from my life today.  The picture, however, reminds me of the foundation on which my life is built. It is a foundation of hard work, honesty, loyalty, and family. It also reminds me of my spiritual foundation, on the farm there was the constant cycle of birth, life, death, and new life.  The picture helps keep me stay grounded in many ways.

The title of the blog is not very creative, but speaks directly to the content of the blog – thoughts of a United Methodist DS.  However, the subtitle is a little more nuanced.  First, I’m human and I continue to struggle with my faith. The struggle at times includes doubts and questions.  I am skeptical of anyone who says they never have doubt.  The doubts and questions keep me from become complacent.  I also have those moment of being cynical about a lot things in this world.  However, those doubts and moments of cynicism keep me searching for the Holy.


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